Introduction: Home-Made Photography Sweep

I will show you how to make your own photography sweep out of items you most likely have laying around the home.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

  • Paper
  • Clear Scotch Tape
  • A assortment of K'nex
  • Glue, or sticky two sided tape.

Step 2: Find Your Paper

Select some bright white card-stock. You should buy something that will fit your needs.

Get some 12" x 12" sheets if you plan on doing shots of small things, and get something larger like 24" x 24" for larger objects.

You can find paper at the dollar store, or staples. It is very cheap!

I selected 4 sheets of 12" x 12", to double up.

Step 3: Assemble Your Paper

If you get a large and thick sheet, you can skip this step.

I didn't want to make a trip out, so I had to work with what I had.

1. I put 9 glue dots on a sheet, and stuck another one on top. Then I taped around the edges to keep it all together.

2. Then I added 5 on the edge of my completed piece, and attached my 3rd piece of paper to that.

3. Then I flipped it over and added 9 dots to the back

4. Then I added the second piece on top, and taped the 4 sides.

Step 4: Build Frame and Attach Paper

I build my frame out of K'nex, but you can make it out of whatever you have lying around.

It should be fairly easy to follow what I did with my frame.

I then attached my paper using some tape.

Step 5: Take Pictures!

Take some pictures with your new sweep

I used a Nikon d40 with a telephoto lens to take my pictures.

I took the pictures with natural lighting, but I could get better results with proper lights.

(See the intro slide for all the images I took.)

Step 6: Store

The good thing about K'nex, is that you can take it apart easily. I snapped the rails into the K'nex, so it was almost completely flat.
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