Introduction: Homemade 12V JIGSAW Variable Speed

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DIY homemade jigsaw, 12V (max 19V)

DC Module or Mini speed controller

Check the video above to see it in action.

I decided to make my own wood cutting jigsaw, i did it for fun, has always i learn a little bit more in every new project.

Step 1: The Beginning

I cuted and trimed an old dvd drive interior metal support to be the blade suport, did the same for the wood parts, cut and trim.

Step 2: The "mechanism"

I wanted to have a stedy blade, because of that i created this mechanism to allow full movement up and down and no movements for the sides

Step 3: The "pullys"

After the final measurements cut and lock the metal rod that will conect to the second pulley from the motor with a rubber band

Step 4: First Test

I decided to change the pulley system, i replaced the two pulleys to have a smoother transmission

Step 5: The Handle

Closing the motor compartment, assemble the module case and putting the handle together

Step 6: Painting and Switch

Painted black for the handle and apply wood vernice and clear coat, connect the switch that will control the motor

Step 7: Almost Done

Connect the module and the switch, close all the compartments

Step 8: Blade Mount

Assemble the blade using two screws with nut and is ready to test

Step 9: It Works !

The cut is very straight, good for small pieces.

Tank you for watching

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