Introduction: Homemade Autumn Flower Bouquet

I love walks outside and I got the idea for this when I was walking my dog. I also really enjoy the season of fall so I decided to adjust this to match the season. I really hope that this brightens up your house or table for the season!


  • Tools
  • Scissors
  • A vase (any size)
  • Supplies
  • Flowers that are red, yellow and orange
  • Ribbon (optional)

Step 1: Find Your Flowers

I used Sunflowers, Marigolds and Rudbeckia Little Henry, but you can use any color flowers that go well with orange, yellow and red.

Step 2: Prep Your Flowers

When you prep your flowers you should remove the leaves from the flowers or the water will turn brown. You should also adjust the height of them to what looks best. Any height will look good but you should experiment with it! You can do it by seeing what looks best. Also remove the petals that are withering.

Step 3: Prep Your Vase

If you want, you can add some ribbon to your vase and make a little bow, it will look really cute. I used a bright yellow string and some orange yarn. and fill the vase about halfway with water.(the ribbon is optional)

Step 4: Arrange Your Flowers

Put your flowers in one by one and see where they look best. My tip is to not put too many in the same spot. Also contrast your colors. Ex. If you put 5 orange flowers in one spot you might want to put 4 yellow flowers there as well so it will look interesting.