Introduction: Homemade Cat Scratcher

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Store bought cat scratchers are too expensive and not durable enough. I wanted to ramp up my scratching game so I made a much nicer box that can be refilled on the cheap.

Step 1: Buy Some Refills First.

Grab at least one of these Kong or a similar variety cat scratcher refills. I like the Kong because they are really big and thick and last.

Una is already excited to get her nails into a new scratcher.

Step 2: Don't Buy This.

These are nice for a few days, then they destroy your house with little cardboard bits.

Step 3: Buy Stuff

Go to the hardware store and grab some MDF molding and some luan.

Step 4: Cut on the 45

Cut the moulding at 45 degree angles. Measure the total size of the cardboard and chop the trim on a 45 at that inner measurement.

With me so far? Good, I'm not sure I am but let's press on regardless.

Step 5: Staple, Clamp, Rest

Staple, clamp, and set it aside for a day to dry.

Step 6: Last Years Model

The previous version I made was like this and the bottom piece was just slapped on the bottom. This year let's get all fancy dancy and flush the luan into the bottom.

Step 7: Routers Are Fun

Use your router and it's accessories to route in a channel that is the exact thickness of your luan bottom piece.

Step 8: Sharpen Up Your Corners You Savage

The router wont make sharp inner corners so grab something to hack away at them until they are crisp.

An alternate method is to use sandpaper and round the corners of the luan but I wanted to see how easy/hard it was to chisel out the corners clean. (Spoilers: it was easy since the molding pretty much thick cardboard)

Step 9: Glue the Bottom In

I put some basic wood glue in the channel and slapped the luan into it. The bottom piece is mostly there to just keep the cardboard cat scratcher refills in place so it doesn't need to be super strong. Glue is more than enough.

Clamp it and let it sit for a spell.

Step 10: Now Sand It.

...sand it....sand it...sand it like a polaroid picture.

You know what to doooooooo.

Step 11: Paint the Poor Craftsmanship Away

Paint the thing to cover up your lack of talent and skill with wood tools.

Step 12: Add Feet

Add some felt feet, because you'd be sad if you didn't have feet. so the cat scratcher box feels the same way.

Step 13: Hey Look, We Are Done!

Step 14: Give to Your Furry Kids.

What do you think Una?

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