Introduction: Homemade Herb Oils

I wanted to buy some oils for a project I was working on, but couldn't get over how expensive the oils cost. After a little research I decide to make my own. I also made cinnamon oil on a previous instructables and with a few suggestions I switched from olive oil to sunflower oil for this instructable.
I also used herbs from my yard, mint and white sage.

*I will use my oil for candle scents and other holistic creative creations!

Step 1: Collecting the Herbs

Collect the herbs you wish to use. I used mint and white sage, but I also had oregano, Thyme, Salvia and catnip that I could have used.

Step 2: First Way to Make Oils

1. Rinse the herbs in cold water to wash off the dirt. Remove the dead leaves and excess roots.

2. Pat dry with paper towels.

3. Lay the herb in a tray to dry or place in a dehydrator.

The 4th picture was of the herb drying on the 2nd day and the 5th picture was after a week. ( I left mine on top of my fridge in a pan).

Step 3: Grind Herbs and Place in Oil

1. After the herbs dry. Finley Grind the herbs and place in a Glass jar.( I removed the stems first)

2. Fill the jar will a ratio of 1 to 2. (herb to oil) the oil should be 2 inches above the herbs.

3. Set the jar in a sunny place and shake a few times a day for 2 to 4 weeks.

After 2 weeks check the oil. It should take on the scent and color of the herb.

4. When oil is ready remove the herbs using a cheese cloth and place oil in smaller bottles.

5. Oil can be stored for a few months in a cool dark place.

Step 4: Second Way to Make Oils

Using the herb fresh.....

1. Remove the leaves from the stems.

2. smash leaves...I used scissors to cut the leaves, before smashing them.

3. Place herbs in jar and add oil....2 to 1 ratio. (oil to herb)

4. set in a sunny place and shake a few times a day. In 2 to 4 weeks the oil should be ready.

5. Remove herbs using a cheese cloth and rebottle the oil..... store in a cool dark place for up to 6 months.

This project was fairly cheap. I only had the cost of the sunflower oil. I had the herbs in my yard and the jars from canning.

For external uses only.

Step 5: Bottle the Oils

I bottle my oils in these cute 1ml bottles.

Oils can be used for candle anointing. You can use the power of spiritual oils to anoint any part of your body, anoint your candle seals or charms and to bless your home. They can be used to create vibrations of choice for the users.