Introduction: Homemade Jewelry

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This instructable will teach you a fun and easy way to make home made jewelry. We will be creating a matching set of earrings and necklace. Not only is this an enjoyable activity but your creations can be given as gifts. This easy activity could also be utilized as a fun party craft. I aspire that this instuctable will inspire you create your own home made jewelry.

Step 1: Materials

-2 inch headings

-Fishhook Earrings


-String or Chain

-Needle-nose Pliers

Step 2: Step 1- Earrings

-Cut 2 headings to half an inch

-Add one bead to each heading

-Bend headings to create a loop

Step 3: Step 2- Earrings

-Add fishhook earrings to loop

-Pitch loop to secure earring

Step 4: Step 3- Earrings

-Cut 6 headings to 3/4 of an inch each

-Add a bead to each heading

-Use needle-nose pliers to create loose loop at the end of the heading

Step 5: Step 4- Finalize Earrings

-Add one heading by pitching the loop above the previous bead

-Then repeat this until you get the length you desire

Step 6: Necklace

-Cut 1 heading half an inch

-Cut 1 heading one inch

-Then cut 4 headings to 1 1/4 an inch

-Add a bead to each heading

-Create a loop with needle-nose pliers at the end of each heading

-Use the 1/2 heading with the bead as the staring

-Add a 1 1/4 heading by pitching the loop above the bead

-Repeat this for then next three

-Then add the one inch heading with bead by attaching to loop to finalize

-Then for the final touch find a string or chain to finish the necklace

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