Introduction: Homemade Signs for Cheap

If your anything like me you consider the cost before starting a project. My wife likes to decorate the house with signs and pictures. When I started making signs for her the process was a lot more time consuming and results weren't always as expected. But have learned and now can make a nice sign for about $3-$5. Of course paint and materials can change that. Lets get started!


whatever board you want to make a sign with

computer with a printer





Step 1: Prep Work!

I got an old pallet board and cut it down and then sanded the board for a nice smooth surface to work on!

you will also need to figure out what you want to put on your sign. For this sign went with a simple saying "FAMILY life's greatest blessing".

I use Inkscape when I print out type for my signs easy to use and free!

get the size, and font that you want right before printing and MAKE SURE you transpose the type. That is very crucial! trust me on that one!

at this point only cost involved is in the paper and ink.

Helpful tip. try to always use straight black when you print this. for some reason I have had many issues trying to use color instead of black.

Step 2: Layout

I slapped a quick coat of white on the board with the colors I chose for lettering thought a white background would be best.

I trim down the paper at this point it helps me personally line up my layout. for this sign I'm going to put FAMILY on first and then "life's greatest blessing"

As you do your layout you will want to lay the paper with ink side to board so you can read it through the paper!

Step 3: Transfer

At this point it takes a little practice! you will want a paintbrush and a little cup of water.

First you will want to use the brush and wet a small area of the paper and then use a hard flat object and rub over the ink. (i use a brush with a flat back) after a few times you will get it down! If you get too much water the ink will bleed out but you can either paint over the bleed out or if you can figure out maybe work it into the design even!

Main trick is to learn how to dampen and get a good rub before the ink bleeds out.

Step 4: Time to Finish Up!

After you finish transferring all of your stuff to the board let it dry for a few mins then go ahead and get your paint on!

When your done you will have your own personal sign and have spent minimal on it!

I through up a few other signs I made with same process.

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