Introduction: Homemade Web Shooter

About: My name is Alex and I like to do it all with my own hands. I'm fond of arduino and I like to invent different constructions on it.

In this tutorial, I want to show you how to make a simple web-shooter at home.Now Spider-Man is very popular, so I decided that you would find out how to make it the most popular gadget - web shooter

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Materials:

- Old watch case

- Aluminum tube 7mm

- Aluminum tube 10mm

- Iron rod threaded at two ends

- Spring - Ring from the keychain

- Nuts

- Plastic cover

- White thread

- Thermoshrinkage

- Iron ball

- Plastic syringe

- Tools

Step 3: Trigger Mechanism

First you need to cut off the tip of the syringe, drill a hole in it for the metal rod and cut the syringe's thread. Then, having increased the diameter of the aluminum tube using heat shrinkage, put our part on it. Metal rod also increase the diameter with heat shrinkage at the end. Then we put a spring on the rod and push it into the aluminum tube. After pushing the other end of the tube through the hole, you need to fix the metal ring on it with nuts.

Step 4: Web

I made a web of white thread at the end of which with the help of heat shrinkage I fixed a metal ball.

Step 5: Installation

I recorded using hot melt on the watch case. Detailed assembly shown in the video.

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