Introduction: Horror Fish Robot (Come Back From Dragon Palace)

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Let's make Horror Fish Robot (Come Back From Dragon Palace) with your kids.

For Halloween event, it's shown first time at MakerFaireSeoul2019. :D

Our family could made it after got inspirations from below ideas.

- Upcycling Jack-O-Lantern

- Aquarium Live

- Six-Legged Walking Robot

- Zumba Robot (Concept by Human)

Step 1: Assemble Six-Legged Robot Except Head

My 2nd daughter helped assemble.

Step 2: Design HW Circuit for DC Motor Control

  1. Check 2 DC motors of 6-legged robot
  2. Design HW circuit using L293D and Adafruit CircuitPlayground Classic.

Step 3: Design Fish Head for Circuit Integration

  1. Measure several size to fit fish head
  2. Design fish head and circuit holder using fusion360

Step 4: Print Fish Head Set

  1. Print Fish Head Set
  2. Check Circuit Integrated Operation

Step 5: Design Horror Fish for Halloween Costume

My 1st daughter made it based on her emotion.

Step 6: TA-DA !!!

Horror Fish (Come Back From Dragon Palace) :

Take good care of your fish. Otherwise, I will visit your house!!! ;P

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