Upcycling Jack-O-Lantern

Introduction: Upcycling Jack-O-Lantern

About: Daddy of two daughters / Let's live a life to reach spiritual enlightenment. / Maker using openHW and Upcycling

For your kids, let's make a portable interactive jackolantern with upcycling skill.

Step 1: Prepare SW Upcycling

Reuse simulated candle logic for jackolantern light.

Reuse celebrateSong() when candy is inserted into portable plastic jackolantern.

Reuse tap logic to detect candy insertion.

Step 2: Prepare HW Upcycling

Reuse a portable plastic jackolantern bought 2 years ago

Reuse a Adafurit Circuit Playground got for education purpose

Reuse a 6V battery pack of black&decker alkaline screw driver

Reuse a 2 PIN JST got from mini RC helicopter toy

Step 3: HOWTO

  1. Upload combined upcycling-jackolantern.ino to Adafruit Circuit Playground
  2. Connect a 6V battery pack with Adafruit Circuit Playground
  3. Place it in a portable plastic jackolantern
  4. Check simulated candle light and interactive melody when inserted candy

Step 4: Trick or Treat

Give it to your kids and start "Trick Or Treat"

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    Fun Halloween project. Good luck in the Halloween contest.

    Nani Shin
    Nani Shin

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you for your interest. Actually the idea is started from last year. At that time, my first daughter asked me to make a small props to go to Halloween party. So I made it using available parts at home. In this year, my family and I exhibited Upcycling Jack-O-Lantern, one of home making items during MakerFaireSeoul2018. Many people said, "it's really a simple idea and want to follow it". That's all why I share this simple instruction. :D

    신이나네 가족_전시도 하고 색칠놀이도 하고.jpg