Introduction: Horror Potatoes!

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IF Mr Potato Head and and Pinhead had a child this is what it would be


Inspired by Mr Potato head and Halloween this instructable is super simple, fun, relatively quick and the only specialised material is polymer clay

Lets get started



Polymer clay (this is a good project to use up scraps of clay)

Potatoes (you could even do this with pumpkins, turnips carrots etc)

Thumb tacks


A Oven

Tools for sculpting (optional)

Step 1: Gettin Down to Brass Tacks

Take a small circle of polymer clay (any colour, Im just using black here) and carefully press the tack point through it making sure that the clay goes over the edges of the "thumb" part of the tack.

You may want to make a few of these.

Step 2: Horror Features!

Make some mouths and eyes with the rest of your polymer clay.

Then carefully attach the tacks/polymer clay to the back of your features.

Back for the time advised on you polymer clay packet.

Leave to cool.

Step 3: DONE

Once they have cooled Stick them on your potatoes transforming them from starchy food stuffs to nightmare fuel!!!

and there you go, super simple and fun!!

As always I hope you enjoyed this instructable and as always, thoughts, comments and even photos of your own horror potatoes are always welcome in the comments section below.

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