Hot Glue Footing

Introduction: Hot Glue Footing

There are things that you prefer with rubber footing so it is somewhat protected from scratches while using it.

Like my iPad's wireless keyboard, so i decided to make one using hot glue.

serves as ventilation chamber to some like on laptops[when the rubber footing is damaged]

and since there is a Speed Challenge, l'm going to accept it...

this is going to be quick and easy since it is titled "Hot Glue Speed Challenge"...

Hot Glue = only material and tool

Speed Challenge = make with minimal step/s or time...

=make sure the device/keyboard is clean particularly the bottom corners...

Material: hot glue stick

Tool: hot glue gun

Step 1:

drop a dab of hot glue and make a slow circular motion with the tip of glue gun touching the keyborads corners for better adhesion then slowly pull the trigger to add enough. repeat on all corners, let them cool.


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