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Introduction: Coffee Mug Coaster

I love coffee, but I dont have coaster for it when I am on my computer table, so I usually use a shallow saucer instead...

I am a fan of DIY/s so I thought of doing one myself but i don't want to spend much. and besides I like to help our environment so i thought of reusing old thing for another purpose... by saying so, it would be eco friendly, only 2 materials which I already have (basically free) and easy to make.

I will use hot glue stick for the footing instead of using/buying rubber footing...


glue stick

150ml empty Nivea Creme container


glue gun


mini drill with 3mm drill bit




plastic tubing

popsicle stick

Step 1: Preparing the Container

open,clean and dry...

heat up the top part to loosen the glue used on the white lining so it will be easy to remove it...

try not to burn your project... ;)

Step 2: Marking and Drilling

i choose to reverse the orientation because the bottom part has ridge/bump on the edge to keep the mug's position centered...

this type of container has 6 latches they can be use as markers. since they have equal distance from each other, it will be easy to locate and drill 3 holes for the footing which is ideal to omit wobbling around.

I also used a Popsicle stick to have a uniform distance from the edge...

Step 3: Cutting Glue Stick

i used a plastic tubing as a guide to cut glue stick perpendicularly or as perpedicular as posible,

and a ruler for a uniform length...

Step 4: Installing the Footing

put a dab of hot glue on the hole and place one piece of 7mm glue stick one after the other to prevent it from cooling that will harden it the would preent the sticks from sticking to it...

turn it up side down and put some hot glue on the holes,

heat up the part with hot glue, once you see it start smoking, go to the next hole and then the next...

put the bottom part over it and plce some weights like the mug...

Step 5: DONE!!!

wait till i cool down and check the footing's adhesion to the container, when its good, its DONE...

Step 6: EXTRA...

I have a keyboard for iPad which i used hot glue footing too...

sorry I am a newbie on making instructables, If you like this kindly vote for me...some improvement

*Im planning some improvements SOON.

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    3 years ago

    Good reuse, nicely done! : )


    Reply 3 years ago

    thanks a lot!