Introduction: Hot Glue Necklace Art

I have been making these hot glue necklaces for my friends for the past few weeks. You can make any shape or size that you want. You could also make it into a pin or a bracelet. I hope you enjoy my tutorial.


Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks





Step 1: Preheat Your Glue Gun

Plug in the the hot glue gun and place it on a piece of foil so that it won't get glue on the table.

Step 2: Cut the Foil

Cut a square of foil as the background for your art. The foil needs to be bigger than what you are making.

Step 3: Draw the Shape

Draw the shape you would like onto the foil with a Sharpie. Make sure you are using a Sharpie or other good permanent marker. Fill in the shape completely with marker.

Step 4: Fill in Shape With Glue

Outline your shape with hot glue and fill in the middle until there are not holes. It's ok if the outline is a little larger than the marker shape.

Step 5: Add Yarn

Cut the yarn to the desired length and place the ends on the top of your shape and press into the glue. You can add a little more glue on top if needed.

Step 6: Let It Dry

Let your project dry until it is cool to the touch.

Step 7: Color the Top

Color the top of your shape with Sharpies or permanent markers if desired. Then let the marker dry.

Step 8: Cut the Shape Out

Using scissors cut the shape out around the edge of the outline. Any small bits of foil can be folded to the back if needed. Enjoy and make some for your friends and family.

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