Introduction: Hot Ice Experiment | the Hand Warmer

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In this instructables I show you a fun thing to do and at the same time very useful

this is the video about ;)

In fact, what underlies this phenomenon is One of the common reusable hand warmers that you have certainly already seen around It is a very saturated solution of Sodium Acetate (in Water)

that is in a situation of instability, just a pressure variation or a small crystal to create a series of chain reactions

Do you believe that all this you can do at home with simple ingredients,

you just need some Vinegar and baking soda

Step 1: Ingredients

The first thing to do is to obtain the correct doses of Vinegar and Bicarbonate

Measure approximately 16 oz of vinegar (2 cups)

And 33 grams of baking soda

Step 2: Make Some Bubbles :D

Put the vinegar in a nice large pot and add the baking soda,

as you can see a lot of bubbles are created and the vinegar sparkles, this is due to the carbon dioxide that is produced

You should be in a situation where there is no more gas formation but at the same time all the baking soda is dissolved

Step 3: Boil It!

Boil everything until the solution is reduced by more than 50% continue to evaporate the solution until you see a thin solid layer on the solution (last Image)

Step 4: Some Cool

Now take everything and put in a container,

I recommend with the lid, let cool in a bath of water and ice or in a freezer About 10 minutes

Check everything, it should still be liquid otherwise bring to the fire with the addition of a spoonful of vinegar and go back to point 4

Step 5: Only 1 Crystal!

Now you just need to take a small crystal from the pot where we did everything and touch the solution As if by magic, everything crystallizes instantly and becomes very hot!

Thank You so much for your attention

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