Introduction: Hot to Make a Figurine Stop Motion Video

In this instructable will show you how to make a good stop motion video using figurines.

Step 1:

Things you need:
  • Figurines
  • rare earth magnets
  • Drill
  • 5/16 drillbit
  • strong epoxy glue
  • computer
  • wire (optional)
  • green screen (optional)
  • Thin metal sheet
  • camera

Step 2:

  1. First you need your figurine to be able to stand up properly without falling over accidently.
  2. Take the drill and put in your 5/16 dril bit and drill an 8th of an inch by 5/16 diameter in the center of the bottom of your figurines feet.

Step 3:

  1. Take the epoxy glue and squeeze it out onto a peice of paper.
  2. Then you must use a tooth pick and mix the epoxy together.
  3. Take your figurine(s) and put spread epoxy into the holes with the tooth pick
  4. push each magnet into the hole. wait for them to drie then they are ready for use.

Step 4:

  1. Then you can set up your scene, you could use just your desk our some other surface for your background or you could use a green screne if you have a program that can add a background suing green screen.
  2. If you want a scene in your anamtion where your character jumps or flies then use a wire and wrap it around a limb of your character where the wire can be best hidden.
  3. Then once you have taken shots of your scene use a software to get rid (rig removal)  of the wire but not affect your photo like photoshop.
Now you are ready to do your animation, once you have taken all your shots and edited your video then its good to post or show to people