Introduction: How to Draw Human Male Proportions

This is an instructable, teaching you how to draw a mal human body's proportions
Things you need:
  1. Draw a circle, draw 6 similar circles underneath each other (stacked). If you want to be more precise like me, do this... Measure the first circle with a ruler and mark 6 spaces under that circle with the same measurements.
  2. Then use a ruler to draw a horizontal line wear each mark is. After that use the rule to draw a line straight down from either side of the circles (except fir the top and bottom)
  3. Draw the circles in the squares (make sure the left/right and top/bottom of the circle touches the walls of the squares so they can be the exact size and width of the first circle.
  4. Draw a small vertical line between where the first and second circle connect. Draw a horizontal line on the bottom of that small line that a bit larger than the width of the circles. Draw a small circle at each end of that line. Do step 4 again but in the middle of the 4th circle and make the circles a bit larger.
  5. Draw an X, in wich each end of the x connects to each small circle.
  6. connect the top right small circle to the bottom right small circle with a line the curves inwards then outwards at the center of circle 3. Do the same for the left side.
  7. Draw a small circle to the left of the center of the 3rd circle a bit away from the side. draw another small circle beside the bottom left right small circle (hip) vertical to the circle you drew beside the 3rd circle (elbow). Do step 7 for other side of body
  8. Now draw the Bicep and Forearm. the left (for right arm) and right (for left arm) side of the arms should start a little bit below the top right/left circle joints. The other sides of the arms should begin above the shoulder joints. Follow the picture to know the shape.
  9. Draw circle joints at the top and bottom of the 6th circle vertical from the hip joints. draw the crotch a bit below the center of the 4th circle.
  10. Now draw the thigh and calve, the inner legs should start and the edges of the crotch line and the outer legs should start at the near center point of the hip joints. Follow the drawing to know the shape and the knee shape.
  11. Draw the feet and legs how they are drawn in the pictures, make sure they are not too small or too big.
  12. Erase and redraw the head in an ovalish form. draw the shoulders and then draw a neck. Draw curved, intersecting lines on the head.  Draw the right and left eyes in the center of the horizontal curved line, close to the intersection of the lines. draw the nose between the eyes.
  13. The last picture shows where the rest of the facial features are drawn.

Here is a time lapse of me drawing a human male body.

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