Introduction: House Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

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Hey guys.Today I'll be showing you how to make a House in Minecraft. If you do not understand anything, let me know and I'll explain it in the simplest way I can.


Bricks, Glass plane or block, Chests, furnaces, oak leaves and oak wood, ladder, fence, opening fence, nether slab and full block, bed, sign, and birch wood stairs.

Step 1: Template

Using Bricks, Make a 6x3 wall piece and add a door and a window plane. Next, make a c shape connect to that on the right. Then, do a 6x3 wall after that that's connecting to the c. On the right side, do another 6x3 wall piece. On the back, make a 11 block long and 3 block high wall. On the left side connecting back to the front piece, do a 8x3 wall piece. Now your template is done!

Step 2: Roof

Outline the last brick on the top and go around your house. Next go around it on the outside area. Then, use your Nether Bricks and go on the inside of the roof. Then, do the inside of the on top of the full block. As shown in the picture, leave one block on the edges. Now, your roof is complete!

Step 3: Back to the Template!

On the template, fill it in and add some windows. Let me do pictures for this.
Pic one: C shape has one window
Pic two: Front Right wall has 3 windows. Two blocks on the edges
Pic three: Right side wall has two windows. block on edges, again
Pic four: The back wall has two block edges and windows in between
Pic five: The left side wall has 4 windows and two block edges.
Now your template walls are complete!!

Step 4: Interior Floor

The interior floor is made out of Oak wood planks. Make sure the door is on the outside.

Step 5: Interior Furniture

Go to the hole inside of the house and add a couch. Use signs and the arm rests. Then, in front of it, two furnaces in the same spots and chest beside them. The one closest to the windows has coal and oak wood blocks in it. Put 64. And the other one has 64 of every raw food. Windows only above the couch. Two windows.

Step 6: Bed Area

At the every end near the bed, make a bed area. A chest on the far side beside the brick, full of armor, and in the middle, a bed, and then another chest full of non cookable foods. At the door, add torches.

Step 7: Fence and Mailbox

Your house is almost to a complete stop, just make sure to add the fence and mailbox. 2 blocks away from the bricks and door. And in front of the door, a opening fence. The mailbox is the easiest part of the house to me. It's just a chest on top of a fence. Like shown in the picture. 2 blocks away from the opening fence. And one away way from the fence. Then, a fence in the area you've arrived at, add the mailbox, add paper in the mailbox, too. For the mail. Different ways you can place it every day. Just put nothing on Sundays!!(lol cuz mail dont run on sundays).

Step 8: Decorate the Outside.

I put a tree house to kill animals, lol. Here is how you make it. 3 blocks high of oaks wood. The floor is made from each side of the wood. 4 blocks high (5 plus the roof). Delete a block facing towards the house. Beside it, add a chest, of a bow and 64 arrows. Add a balcony. That picture is the balcony.

Step 9: Finale!!!

Yay!!!! You have now finished the house. Don't forget to follow me and you wont miss out on my other projects! If you have any questions, at the bottom, just ask it and I'll answer it in no time! Dont forget to click the box below that says, "I made it!!" And I will also follow you if you play Minecraft!! Thanks for doing this tutorial and I'll see you guys next time!!