Introduction: How to Make a Secret Stash on Minecraft PS4

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Hey guys! Welcome back to another step-by-step instructable. Sorry for those who wanted more projects by me, I've been busy with my family during this Covid crap, so now, here I am again, so let's go ahead and get your materials.


Any block for a counter
Regular cart rail
Minecraft with chest
Sticky Piston
Redstone Activation (redstone torch / redstone block)

Step 1: Counter

Just make a counter or wherever you want your secret stash to go.

Step 2: Secret Stash Place

Where do you what your stash to go? Delete the block that will be the button to your stash.

Step 3: Getting the Secret Stash

Ok, you got a place to put it, right? Good, because you can't move on if you don't. Place a rail, the rail must be facing your deleted block so the Minecart can get to the place. The minecart with chest is your stash. Push the minecart into the hole, put make blocks beside it so you don't loose it (the pictures will explain it more than I can).

Step 4: Hide Your Stash

You gotta hide your stash. Follow the pics. The wall of your house hides the black of the minecart.

Step 5: You're Done!

Congratulations! You are finished with this project! If you like this project, then smash that like button, follow me for more projects, and click the button below this text that says "I made it!" See ya next time! I love each and every one of y'all! #Alonetogether