Introduction: Small Minecraft Library Xbox 360 Edition

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Hey guys!! I'm back with you today and we will be making a small minecraft library. You know, if your lazy to build a big one(kinda like I am lol).


Cobblestone, oak wood planks, glass block and plane's, door, cobblestone stairs, etc.

Step 1: Front Wall

Add 4 blocks in one area and skip a block and add 4 more. In front of that skipped block, add cobblestone stairs.

Step 2: Back Side Wall

For the back wall make a 11 block-long wall since we add a block to every wall. Then,(I'm not adding this to the picture) connect the cobblestone back to the start. Your template is complete(for the most part). You still have to do the roof and walls. But that's just the beginning.

Step 3: Right Side Wall

Then, adding one more bock to the front wall, add 12 blocks for the right side wall. For each wall, add another block to the previous wall.

Step 4: Left Side Wall(connector)

The side will just connect to the end. Don't add any blocks to the back wall because that was already added.

Step 5: The 3 Layers of the Wall

3 more blocks high from the cobblestone in the front, add oak wood planks. In the door area, add a oak wood floor for the door to stand. Then, one block of space on each side of the door, add window planes. Then, at the edge of each side of the front wall, add 3 blocks. Then in front of that 3 block row, add 2 blocks from the end, and at the edge in front of the 2 block row, add one. Add those on both sides like shown in the picture above. Then, one the one block row, add fence pieces until they're lined up with the 3rd layers of oak wood of the front wall.

Step 6: Front Roof

Out line the top of the front wall. Then add another one starting from the edge, and skip every other one. Then, line the roof up with the bottom 3,2,1 block rows, add fences at the end to line up with the front roof. Repeat that to the other edge. Then, fill the area up. Congrats! You have finished buding a small Minecraft Library! Add any decorations inside the building and have fun with your new Minecraft Creation.