Introduction: Minecraft Hotel PS4 Edition

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Hey, guys! No more boring XBOX 360 with no materials that is in the playstation editions, 'cuz baby, I'm back with the brand new PS4 Minecraft Edition! Let's be grateful and get the Hotel under construction.


Light Blue Concrete, doors, glowstone, bed, trap door, black concrete, white concrete, smooth stone slabs, and more supplies will be needed later.

Step 1: Porch

Make a little porch using a 5 × 27 base. Count 13 blocks going right and place stone stairs. Skip one block going right and place another pair of stone stairs. Then, go around the base and add fences. But DO NOT add them on the side without the stairs. That's going to be where your walls start. Add a fence pole between both stone stairs ON TOP on the base as shown in the picture.

Step 2: First Wall

Make a row conncected to the base using light blue concrete. Next, make three more layers and delete two for the doors in front of your stairs as shown in picture 2.

Step 3: Parking Lot

Make a parking lot as shown in the pictures. Delete grass with the width and length of 27 × 27 counting each block as 1 of the last line you did. Then, delete the grass blocks filling up the square if you haven't already have done so. Fill that square up with your gray concrete, not your light gray, but original gray. But later on, you will have to delete some of them to add the white concrete.
After you are finished doing all the gray concrete parking lot base, get out your white concrete. Go to the side closet the the hotel and face towards the blank side and go to the left. Skip the end block and delete 6 blacks and add 6 white concrete blocks as shown in the picture. In the skipped block, get some stone slabs and add 4 of them. Then, on the other side of the parking spot, repeat. Repeat these parking place steps until your parking lot is complete. Except one thing, skip on row of 6 blocks and then add your next 6. They will be left over room at the end, just delete them to where the white is left.

Step 4: Windows

Now its time to 'make it shine' in the hotel. Add Windows! Count, from the left, 4 blocks. On that 4th block, add a row of 4 white wool blocks. On the door side, count, feom the right, 4 blocks and on that 4th block, add another row of 4 white wool blocks. Make the wool do diagonal rwice and on the second one add one beside it on the right. Then, go diagonally down twice and on the second one, go down. Fill that in with glass blocks. Do the same thing on the other side of the wall. Take out your light blue concrete and go vertically up until your one block more than the window. As shown in picture 2.

Step 5: Flooring: Lobby

Make a floor of 27 × 37 out of Blocks of Iron.

Step 6: Walls 2, 3, and 4

Delete the outline of the floor one block and add the light blue wall.

Step 7: 'Make It Shine' S'more

More windows! The first picture, it shows where you'll start. Make the windows that you did before as shown in picture 2. 4th block. The middle and far window is the same, though the first light blue concrete after the window on the side window, count 7, and on the 7, start building you window. Repeat this step on the opposite side wall. The back is just like the other windows. 4th block.

Step 8: Lobby: Part 1

How will your visiters chenk in, pay for their rooms, or check out? Well, here's the answer! The lobby! First, add Jungle Doors to your hotel. You don't want rain to get on the floor. To get the doors in the right place, delete the two concrete blocks in the middle of the door places. Then add the door to make sure the handles are facing each other. Make sure to place the concrete back into its place. Next, get our your dark oak wood slabs and count 5 blocks into the hotel. Once you do that, use the pictures to help your next couple of steps. Once those are finished, add a cash register using stone stairs.

Step 9: Lobby: Part 2

Go to your second side wall window and look at picture 1 for the excat location you'll need for the next Lobby step. The cursor (the plus) is pointing at the location. From there, turn towards the back on the building and add a pair of Dark Oak Wood stairs, as shown in picture 2. Add flur pair of stairs. You then will need smooth stone slabs. Add a row of 5, as shown in pic 4, and make a floor of a length of 5 all the way to the other side wall. DO NOT add the slabs to the corners, they will be different kinds. Then, add the stairs just like you did at the beginning, on the other side.

Step 10: Lobby Part 3: Laundry Room

Go to underneath your floor, and Picture 1 the cursor is pointing at the location you will begin your laundry room. At the left corner, add a column of 2, Block of Quartz blocks, and a row on 2, in the middle of the washer at the top, point your cursor at the bottom of the light blue concrete above and add a acacia trap door. For the dryer, skip a block going right, and add a row of 2 quartz blocks and a column of 2. At the front, add a acacia trap door make sure the gray handle is face downward to the floor and opens where the trap door goes to the bottom of the block above. You will keep making these like these until you have made _ number of washer and dryers. Skip 1 block between each group. Though, between the second and third group going left, will have 3 blocks in between each.

Step 11: Room Templates

For the rooms, follow the pictures.
Each room has 5 blocks.
The door goes in the middle.
Finish off with the room roof.
Get signs out.
Number rooms 1 - 4 going left to right.
Carpet color options / and optional

Step 12: Fill 'em In

Time to decorate the rooms you've made. These following things must apply to ALL 4 rooms.
1. Same layout.
2. Same color bed.
3. Choice of carpet color.
4. Chest beside bed, leave empty for vistors' things.

Step 13: Roof

The roof is your choice. Choose the kind of rook you like. Glass? Oak wood? Whatever. Be creative. That's what Minecraft is all about. I used Prismane Brick Stairs for my roof. Just let your imagination run wild.

Step 14: Sign Pole

Make a column of 20 Blue Concrete. Then, on the left, make 11 smooth quartz blocks. On top of the pole, place a block and on the righr sude without counting the one on the pole, place 9 quartz blocks. Make the word HOTEL work cyan concerte blocks. Fill in the sign with light blue concrete. Make the outline of the HOTEL sign with your smooth quartz blocks.