Introduction: How to Build a Custom Animal Themed Vechile

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In this Instructable, I will show you how to make my Raven Tri-Wheel, and also some tips and techniques on how to build your own vehicle. Enjoy!

Step 1: Choose Your Animal

To start making your vehicle, you first have to choose an animal to base it off of. For this demonstration I choose the raven

Step 2: Wheel Frame

Technic pieces are stronger than plates but they're harder to deal with.
Theme details-sometimes the strangest pieces are the best for your vehicle!

Step 3: Base

Strong structures can also be built with plates: they are easier to build with.
A key aspect in building anything ( not just Legos ) is to always plan ahead! Your build will be cleaner if you think about the end product.

Step 4: Back Wheels

Step 5: Attach Wheels to the Base

Step 6: Cockpit Details

The cockpit is very important when it comes to detail, style, and theme. Do you like an open cockpit?caged?closed?
Styling determines a lot about your vehicle. More curved, rounded shapes yield a almost regal look, while sharp, square corners look pieced together and rugged. Sometimes you can use small 45 degree angles and straight lines can make your build look high-tech.

Step 7: Back Details

Step 8: Character Functions

Functions for the characters make your vehicle that much more amazing: they make your vehicle different from all the other builds existent! Adding moving turrets, RavenBots, or any other functions you can think up are what make your build amazing!

Step 9: Finish!

Thank you for looking at this Instructable and I know it inspired you to make to your limits and to build your most amazing builds! Thank you!

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