How to Build a Supply Organizer

Introduction: How to Build a Supply Organizer

List Of Materials:
- 1in. thick Graph Paper
- Five Rulers
- Pens & Pencils
- Stapler
- 5/8”x12” Tape
- 5 Scientific Calculators
- Scrap Wood
- 1/8” composite board 24”x12”
- Folder for graph paper
- 7/8” Nails
- Screws
- 1”x4” pieces of wood for the border

Step 1: Building the Base

Take the composite board and cut a 14.625in x 10.125 in rectangle as your base.

Step 2: Putting in the Sides

Get out your pieces of the 1" x 3". Create a border around the base by screwing it into the composite board you cut out.

Step 3: Putting in the Sides (Cont.)

Cut out four pieces for your four sides of the base. Two of the pieces will be 3" x 11". The other two will be 3" x 13.25". Screw into the base using corner bases and 1" x 8 GA 2.54 cm screws.

Step 4: Putting in the Dividers

Use the composite board that is left over for your dividers. 

Step 5: Putting in the Dividers: Ruler Divider

Cut out a 13.25 inch long  piece of composite board. Place this piece of composite board .75 inches down from the top of your base. Start your measurement from the inside of your boarder. 

Step 6: Putting in the Dividers: Pencils, Pens, and Tape

Cut out a 11 in long piece of composite board and a 2 in long piece of composite board.  Place the 11 in long piece 3.25 in down from the top of the base. Start your measurement from the inside of your border. Place the 2 in long piece perpendicular to the 11 in long piece 2 in from the inside of your left wall. This will be your compartment for tape, pens, and pencils.

Step 7: Putting in the Dividers: Stapler Divider

Cut out an 7.5 in long piece of the composite board. Place perpendicular  to the 13.25 inch long piece of composite board for the ruler section. Put it 2.5 inches to the left of the inside border of the right wall.

Step 8: Putting in the Dividers: Calculator Divider

The rest of the space should leave you with a 11 inch x 5inch rectangle. This is for the calculators.

Step 9: Making the Pieces to Hold Up the Dividers

1) Use the composite board leftovers for this.
2) Cut out twenty .125in x 4in. pieces
3) You will put a piece at the corners of each divider, to secure it together like a puzzle. For example, four pieces will be used for the ruler divider. Each will be put at the corner where the divider is perpendicular to the inside wall.
4) Use glue to secure the pieces to the inside walls

Step 10: Attaching the Cover

First, Take the composite board and cut a 15in x 11in rectangle as your cover. Put one wall up that is 18 in x 2.5 in and it is .5 in wide. Place it centered on the long side of the composite board. There should be 1.5 in. of wood coming off of the composite board on each side. This will be used as a handle. Screw your wall/composite board into your walls of the actual box with the use of hinges.

Step 11: Attaching the Cover (Cont.)

Take your folder and cut it so you have two, equal in size, pieces that are just the folder part.  Hot glue one piece directly to the leftmost inside of the cover, and the other piece to the rightmost side of the inside of the cover. Attach the composite cover to the border of the box with hinges.

Step 12: Finished Product

Now you have a supply organizer to keep all of your belongings neat and in one place!

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