Introduction: How to Make a Teacher Cart

In this instructable you will learn exactly how to build the perfect teacher cart out of PVC pipes and composite board.

Step 1: Materials List

- PVC Pipe & Joints (later specified)

- Composite Board

- 3 pieces 36 in x 24 in

- 4 1.75 in x 4 in

- 2 24 in x 4 in

- Four Wheels

- Zip Ties

Step 2: Organizing Parts: PVC Pipe

PVC Pipe:

- 17 in. PVC Pipe(16)

- 10 in. PVC Pipe(30)

- 7 in. PVC Pipe(36)

Step 3: Organizing Parts: PVC Joints

PVC Joints:

- T-Joint(12)

- Cross Joint(8)

- T-Side Outlet(17)

- 90 Side Outlet(40)

- Cross Side Outlet(4)

Step 4: Building the Bottom

Building the Bottom Shelf

- The materials you will need for this section are 12 seven inch pieces, 10 ten inch pieces, 4 90 side outlets, 3 cross joints, 4 t joints, 4 t joints with side outlet, and 8 17 inch pieces

- First you wanna connect the 90 side outlet to a seven inch piece. At the other end put a t joint, then another seven inch piece. After this put a t side outlet. Connect a seven inch piece to the t side outlet and at the other end put a t joint. Put a fourth seven inch piece on the t joint and on the other side put a 90 side outlet. Repeat this one more time. These two pieces are both long sides of the rectangular bottom.

Step 5: Building the Bottom (part 2)

- For the middle part of the rectangular bottom do the same thing accept the end joints are t side outlets and the rest of the joints are just cross joints.

- Connect all three long parts with your 10 ten inch pieces of PVC pipe - At this point you should have completed the bottom portion of the cart. Now, you want to attach the bottom to the rest of the cart with the 8 seventeen inch pieces. Put the pieces in all the joints with side outlets (90 side outlet, t side outlet).

Step 6: Building the Middle Shelf

Building the Middle Section:

-The materials you will need for the middle section 10 ten inch pieces of PVC, 12 seven inch pieces PVC, 8 seventeen inch pieces PVC, 6 T-side outlets, 3 cross joints, 4 T-joints, and 2 cross side outlet.

-Start by connecting the 8 seventeen inch pieces to the top level. They will go into 7 T-side outlets and 1 cross side outlet. The cross side outlet is in the laptop section.

-Next connect a 7 inch pipe to one side of a T-side outlet and a 10 inch pipe to the adjacent hole. Put a T-side outlet to the other end of the 10 inch pipe and a T-joint to the other end of the 7 inch pipe.

Step 7: Building the Middle Shelf (part 2)

-On the other side of the T-joint, put another 7 inch pipe connected to the cross side outlet. This will be connected to the top level by the 17 inch pipe. Repeat the process on the other side of the cross side outlet. Repeat this process on the parallel side.

-On the perpendicular side, you will need to connect 2 10-inch pipes to a T-side outlet. Put this in between the two T-side outlets that are already there. Repeat this process on the parallel side to complete the middle shelf

Step 8: Building the Top Shelf

Building the Top Shelf:

- You will need 12 pieces of 7 in. PVC pipe, 10 pieces of 10 in. PVC pipe, 7 T Side Outlet Joints, 4 T Joints, 2 Cross Joints, 2 Cross Side Outlet, and 1040 square inches of composite board

- First, attach a T side outlet to a 7 in. piece of PVC pipe. Put a T joint at the other end of the 7 in. piece. Then, add another seven inch piece as well as another T joint. After this put another seven inch piece attached to the opening of the T joint. Lastly, put another seven inch piece of PVC pipe at the opening of the T Joint and at the end put a T Side outlet. Repeat this step for the opposite side.

Step 9: Building the Top Shelf (part 2)

- For the middle piece you do the same thing accept for the joints you use T side outlets on both ends, a cross side outlet for the middle, and two cross joints for the other two joints.

- At this point you should have three straight lines made out of PVC. We are going to connect these with the ten inch PVC pipe. - The cross joint section will be in the middle. Attach all joints with ten inch PVC pipes. After this you should have your top surface of the cart.

Step 10: Building the Top Shelf's Fence

Building the Top Shelf's Fence:

- You will need 1040 sq in of composite board in order to build the top fence

- You will also need 6 four inch pieces of PVC pipe

-Start by cutting out the composite board into pieces. You will need 3 fourteen in pieces, 2 twenty inch pieces, 1 ten inch piece and 1 twenty-eight inch piece. All composite board will be four inches high.

-Connect the four inch pieces to the 6 remaining holes which are pointing upwards. There will be two open cross side outlets, and four open T-side outlets.

Step 11: Building the Top Shelf's Fence (part 2)

-Connect the twenty inch piece of composite board to the four inches pieces of PVC on the ends. Repeat this process for the other side.

-Connect the twenty-eight inch composite to the adjacent ends of the 4 inch pipe. -On the opposite side, connect a 14 inch composite board to the two pieces of 4 inch pipe. Repeat this process directly next to the first piece of composite board. -From the middle 4-inch piece connect the 10 in piece of composite board. Finish off your fence with another 14 inch composite board between the two remaining 4-inch pipes. -This will section off one fourth of the top of the cart for laptops/Ipads to be kept.

Step 12: Cutting Out Composite Board

- 3 pieces of 36 in x 24 in

- 4 pieces of 1.75 in x 4 in

- 2 pieces of 24 in x 4 in

Step 13: Putting on the Composite Board

Drill holes in the pvc pipe as well as the composite board on all three levels. Then screw in with bolt to secure.

Step 14: Putting in the Wheels

- First drill wholes through pvc pipe

- Then screw in your wheels and make sure it is secure.

Step 15: Finished!

You have now completed building a teacher's cart!