Introduction: How to Shoot in Lacrosse

Here you will be learning how to shoot an over-hand shot in lacrosse!

Step 1: Hand Placement

Put your non-dominant hand on the bottom of the stick known as the butt, so your pinky is curling around the bottom of the stick. It's like how you would hold a baseball bat at the bottom of it with your non-dominant hand. Same idea.

Step 2: Hand Placement

Put your hands 12-13 inches apart. The closer the dominant hand goes down the stick(shaft) the more whip you will have. 

Step 3: Body Positioning

Put your feet shoulder width apart and angle them sideways towards the goal to maintain balance.

Step 4: Body Positioning

When you step to shoot, you want your front foot to be pointing at the goal to increase your accuracy.

Step 5: Body Positioning

After you step, you want to open up your hips, so your whole body is facing the net. This gives you more room and more vision to see where you want to place your shot.

Step 6: Body Positioning

Drag back foot behind you. You don’t want your back foot staying place because then you aren’t using all of your energy.

Step 7: Upper Body Positioning

Arms as far out from your body as possible. You don't want them in close, because then you won't have enough room.

Step 8: Upper Body Positioning

Make sure you're forcing your arms backwards, so you are twisting your upper body.

Step 9: Shooting

This shot is going to be a push and pull motion between your top hand and bottom hand. You want to pull down on your bottom hand and push/snap over with your top hand. To practice this top hand snapping motion, you can play catch with just your top hand to build strength.

Step 10: Shooting

This is for an overhand shot, so make sure you are going over hand. Side arms, or submarine shots, will be a lot harder to aim.

Step 11: Shooting

Practice low shots and bounce shots because there is a higher chance they will go in. Especially on grass which is usually bumpy.

Step 12: Conclusion

I hope this has been helpful and you will now be able to shoot more confidently in lacrosse!