Introduction: How to Draw 2 Unconnected Squares Without Lifting Your Pencil

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This is how to draw 2 unconnected squares on the same sheet of paper without lifting your pencil. It's good for parties and for taking money from unsuspecting dupes.


All you need is a pencil and a regular sheet of paper.

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Step 1: Draw First Square

Turn your paper longways (landscape view) and draw a square towards the right side of the paper.

Don't lift your pencil.

Step 2: Fold the Paper.

Fold the far end of the paper over so that the far edge is now right up against the top of your pencil.

To avoid arguments later on with sore losers, try to avoid creasing the paper.

Don't lift your pencil.

Step 3: Travel Time.

Draw onto the back side of the paper. Pull the paper away from the first square towards the other side of the paper. This should leave a clean gap between the square you have drawn and the one that you will draw when you do finally draw back onto the front side of the paper.

When you traveled a couple of inches, carefully drop your pencil back onto the proper side of the paper.

This might get messy on the back side of the paper. It doesn't matter. Whatever you do, don't lift your pencil!

Step 4: Finish It Up.

Unfold the paper (if you haven't done so already) and draw your second square.

Now you may lift your pencil and gloat.

You might want to practice a few times before you start wagering anything too important.

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