Introduction: How to Draw an Eye

This is a tutorial to help you draw eyes.

Step 1: What You Need

All you need is some paper and a pencil, I used a brown pencil, but you can use whatever colour you want.

Step 2: Start

Draw out the basic outline of the eye. Make it into a lemon kind of shape.

Step 3: Iris

Draw a circle in a bigger circle, inside your outline of the eye, this is your iris.

Step 4: Colour

Colour the smaller circle in. Make sure it is quite dark.

Step 5: Light

Add colour to the bigger circle, make sure it is a light colour. Also leave a bit unshaded, this is where the light is.

Step 6: Lines

Add lines and shadows to the bigger circle, this is the patterns on your eye.

Step 7: Eyelid

Draw a line across the eye that covers the top of the iris, this is your eyelid. Next shade it in, medium dark.

Step 8: Eyelashes

Add the top lash. You can do this in one continuous "zigzag" shape, or with seperatevstrokes. Make the lashes bigger for a woman, smaller and less ordered for a man.

Step 9: Eyelashes

Now do the same with the bottom lash, except make it slightly smaller than the top one.

Step 10: Shadows

Add shading to the corner of the eye, where your nose would be, press reasonably lightly.

Step 11: Shadows

Add shadows for the bags under your eyes and underneath your eyebrow, you might want to define where your bag ends, by drawing a thin medium dark curved line. Try to shade in different directions, so that it looks like different shadows on your face.

Step 12: Eyebrow

Draw the outline of the eyebrow, make it thicker for a man thinner for a woman

Step 13: Hairs

Add hairs to the eyebrow, make them go in different directions, although more ordered for a woman and less for a man.

Step 14: Adjustments

Add any shadows, lines...

And your finished!!

I did another drawing if an eye which turned out better, so you can copy and make changes from that (it's the second eye)!!!