Introduction: How to Get Your Furby to Change Modes!

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( this guide is for furbies, not furby booms)
Furbys are fun, high tech creatures inspired from the movie 'Gremlins'.They can learn english and talk to you. By how get them to change modes? Read on to find out!

Step 1: Modes

Modes are just different personality types. This guide tells you how to change your furby to gremlin mode( evil mode) and funny mode.

Step 2: Funny Mode

To change your furby to funny mode, grab it. Shake it around for a long time. Maybe even pass it around to friends! This will take a while, so be patient. After a while, your furby will start screaming and saying ' koko nunu koko nunu oh-kah tee!( which means more talk more talk oh my gosh!) Then it will sit with it's eyes shut. It will start talking in a weird, goofy voice. It might beatbox. This means its in funny mode!

Step 3: Gremlin Mode

Gremlin mode makes your furby act evil. To activate gremlin mode, feed your furby a lot by holding down its tongue. It's alright if it throws up. Then it will go through the same changing process as for funny mode. It should talk in an angry voice. Its eyes should flame. Your furby is now in gremlin mode!

Step 4: Thanks!

Thanks for reading! I hope you will try this on your furby!