Introduction: "How-To" Instructions for a Pony Bead Bracelet

"How-To" Instructions for a Pony Bead Bracelet

Step 1: Take a Spool of String in the Color of Your Choice and And Unwind It Enough to Fit Your Wrist Size.

Allot for some extra space to tie a few knots at the end, about two inches on either end. Note: Working with more string than necessary is recommended to ensure that you have more than enough to tie secure knots at the end.

Step 2: Cut the String to the Desired Length and Set It Aside for the Time Being.

Step 3: Choose a Color Pattern of Beads for Your Bracelet.

Get creative! You can use all the same color beads or devise your own pattern of alternating colors. If you choose a pattern of multiple colors, make piles of a few of each color bead to help organize yourself so you can stay on track.

Step 4: ​(Optional) Choose a Short Word or Phrase to Be Displayed on Your Bracelet in Letter Beads.

Shorter words and phrases are usually more aesthetically pleasing. It is a good idea to test how much space the letter beads will take up on your bracelet by placing them on your pre-sized string that you set aside. Doing this will help you better plan how many colored beads you will need to make a full bracelet.

Step 5: ​Make a Knot at the End of Your String, Leaving About Two Inches Worth of String Before the Knot.

If your knot isn’t fully secure, make additional knots as needed until you have a knot that is both secure and large enough to hold the beads on to the strand without them falling off. Note: Clear nail polish can be used to help keep the knot from unknotting.

Step 6: String on Your Beads in Whatever Pattern You Choose.

This is where the true creativity comes into play, the discretion is left up to you on the pattern you chose to create. However, we have found that putting an even amount of colored beads on either side of a word made with letter beads is the most appealing to the eye.

Step 7: ​After You Have Finished Stringing Your Beads and Have Left Enough Room for Knotting at the End, Make One Knot at the End of Your String Where You Have Loose Beads to Keep Them From Falling Off the String.

You’ll want to leave about two inches of string left at the end of the string that is opposite the side with the beads on it. If the knot isn’t tight fully, make additional knots as needed until the beads are securely knotted onto the string. You should end up with a string of beads, knotted securely at either end, with two inches of string left on either end. Note: The nail polish trick can be applied here as well.

Step 8: ​Join Your Two Ends Together by Making Another Knot With Both Ends of Your Beaded Strand.

Continue making as many knots as needed until both ends are knotted together tightly. You should end up with a circle of beads that will fit to the size of your wrist.

Step 9: Cut Away Any Excess String That Is at the Site of Your Knots.

Step 10: Enjoy Your New Custom Pony Bead Bracelet!