Introduction: How to Keep Fruit Flys Away in Your House

Hi! Every year I get lots of fruit flys in our house. And I tried finding a way to get rid of them. Then I got a great idea... You will need: -a orange or a banana peel - a container(without a lid) -clear cling wrap( get it at a local grocery store)

Step 1: Get a Orange or a Banana Peel

Make sure to either cut the orange in half. If you're using a banana peel, make sure there is no banana left

Step 2: Put It in a Container

Step 3: Put Cling Wrap on Top

Cover the container with cling wrap.Make sure you poke small holes on the cling wrap.

Step 4: And After a Little While They Will DIE!

I prefer keeping the container in the kitchen because they usually know where all the fruit comes from. Thank you and I hope you enjoy it!

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