Introduction: How to Make a Cheap MK Scorpian Hood With Mask

This is my first instructable so give comments.

Step 1: Buy the Peripherals.

you will need a grimm reaper hood this is about the easyiest thing you can get on halloween.
and card board.

Step 2: Draw and Colour

now find a picture of scorpian from MK and try to draw the face mask on the card board then colour it in or paint it.

Step 3: Now Cut It Out

now that you have it drawn out and colored and or painted cut it out.

Step 4: Cut the Mesh Out

Well the name says it all cut out the mesh or the stuff that hides your face.

Step 5: Sewing

Now that the mesh is cut out and the mask bit sew the mask into the hood like this.

Step 6: Now Your Ready to Kick Some @$$

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