Introduction: How to Make a Custom Chaos Chao USB Out of Polymer Clay

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Hi everyone! In this ible I'm going to show you how to make a neutral chaos Chao USB out of polymer clay.

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make the chaos Chao, you will need the following colors:
- White(I used translucent)
- Light Blue
- Green
You will also need the following materials:
- USB(the USB needs to be small so I recommend using the PNY Micro Sleek attache flash drive)
- Super Glue
- An X-ACTO knife

Step 2: Taking Apart the USB

Using an X-ACTO knife, cut and pry off the shell from the USB. Once the shell is removed from the USB, slide out the memory stick from inside the metal casing. 

Step 3: The Body

1.)Take a small chunk of the white clay for the body and wrap it around the metal casing forming the belly and butt of the Chao. Make sure to leave out a square portion to be able to remove the casing after you are done.
2.)Partially bake the body.
3.)Once the body has been partially baked, fill in the square portion that was left empty and partially bake the body again.
4.)After partially baking both parts together, separate the two pieces with an x-acto knife, they will more than likely be stuck together so be gentle!!!
5.)Fully bake both of the pieces separately, after that it's okay to put the pieces together but don't put the memory stick back in the metalcasing or glue anything just yet.

Step 4: The Arms

1.)To make the arms, think of it as a tear drop with the lower half being light blue and the upper half being white then just curved a bit.
2.)Once you're done, you can fully bake the arms.
I hope the photo I uploaded helps explain it a lot better.

Step 5: The Feet

1.) Grab two small balls of clay for the feet, and make two ovals. When making the feet, I think of them as two halves of a hotdog bun.
2.) Take the body and gently press it on to the feet.
3.)Gently remove the feet from the body. The feet will now have indentations where they connect to the body to be glued later.
4.)Finally, feel free to bake the feet.

Step 6: The Head

This is the lengthiest part so bear with me.
1.)Make a teardrop.
2.)Cut the tip of the teardrop with the x-acto knife.
3.)Bend the end of the head downwards.
4.)On the top of the head, pinch out a small hump similar to the one at the end. Make sure it is flat at the top.
5.)Complete the tips by adding the light blue clay.
6.)When it comes to making the spikes that go by the sides of the head, I like to think of them as the exact same thing as making the arms but with the opposite color scheme and for the white part to be flattened.
7.)Gently blend in the spikes on to the head.
8.)Once the spikes are done being attached, grab the body with the metal casing and slowly press it into the head until the body is in complete contact with the head and you can no longer see the metal casing. This step is really important as it can deform your head if you are not gentle so be careful!!!
9.)Now gently pull out the casing from the head. It will leave a small rectangle as deep as deep as you pushed it in.
10.)With some tweezers, pull out the clay from the rectangle. It usually comes out with no problem if not, you can dig out whatever pieces remain with the tweezers.
11.)Finally, add the eyes and bake it all the way through.

Step 7: Gluing It All Together

Now its time to glue the USB to the body.
1.)Remove the metal casing from the body and insert the memory stick back into the metal casing.
2.)Glue the body on to the USB.
3.)Glue the second part of the body on to the USB and body.
4.)Glue the feet on to the body.
5.)For the blue spot on the tummy, I simply painted it on along with the tips of the feet.

Step 8: And You're Done!!!

Now you can use your new customized Chao USB and be the envy of diehard sonic fans! I hope you enjoyed my 'ible and I hope you enjoyed making your own Chao USB. If you need anything feel free to ask and I will make sure to always answer as quick as I can.

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