Introduction: Polymer Clay Eevee

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Hello everyone! For this ible I wanted to make an Eevee that was requested I hope you all enjoy it.

Step 1: Materials Needed

For this project you will need:

-Any kind of polymer clay

-Spare wire

-Acrylic paint(black, brown, beige, and white)

Step 2: The Body

Make a ball of clay and with your fingers pinch in the shape of the body. Once you have done that flatten the top part where the head will go.

Step 3: The Legs

For the legs, make two small balls and roll them out to make the two front legs. Make sure to make little indents to shape the feet and toes. After that, make two bigger balls, flatten them and shape them.

Step 4: The Tail

The tail was really fun and easy to make, all you have to do is make a teardrop shape and curve the end a bit. If you don't want to make the tail really thick, you can make it around tin foil. Finally, insert a piece of wire in the back, stick the tail in and blend it in.

Step 5: The Mane

To make the mane, roll out some clay and wrap it around the neck. Once you have done that, pinch and fill in wherever you see fit.

Step 6: The Head

To make the head, make a ball a bit bigger than the one for the body and with a piece of wire, attach it on to the body. After you have attached it you can add some details to the face and attach the ears. Once that's all taken care of you can make a couple of small balls that will serve as the spikes of hair on Eevee's head. You can now bake it to your content.

Step 7: Painting Your Eevee

Now that you've finished sculpting your Eevee it's time to start painting away. Have fun and be creative!