Introduction: How to Make a Heart Envelope

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Do you have a special sweetheart? A secret crush? A valentine? A beat friend? Whatever the reason, this Instructable is the perfect way to send your special someone a note of love and appreciation.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

The supplies you need for this tutorial are very basic: 1 sheet of computer paper (Any colour) Scissors A pen/ pencil to write your note

Step 2: Fold Your Paper in Half

Fold your paper in half "hamburger" style, or in other words, fold it so it's thickest in width

Step 3: Cut Out a Heart

If it helps you to draw half a heart, do so, and then cut it out.

Step 4: Write Your Note

Write whatever you wish on your heart. "I love you." "Miss you, can't wait to see you." "Will you be my valentine?" Etc.

Step 5: Fold

Fold like the images, as they explain the easiest. ** make sure you leave your writing face up

Step 6: Wrapping Paper?!

Alternatively, you could use wrapping paper for this, and write on the white side, leaving the pattern to be shown on the outside.

Step 7: Using It As an Envelope for a Message

In the case you want this to be just an envelope, apply tape where shown in the pictures

Step 8: Deliver!

Deliver your message to your friend! - May hugs ensue!

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