Introduction: Fringe a Shirt for Summer

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Do you ever go to fun events or charity walks and gets those generic, overly large T-shirts? Or do you just have T-shirts that aren't cutting it for you anymore? Do you want to make a shirt PERFECT for summer? Before you toss those away, why not try and spice them up a bit?

I love fringe shirts, but they're always SO DARN PRICEY! So I thought, "Hey! I could make that!"

*no sewing required*


2.Fabric Scissors
3.Fabric Marker or a Crayon that will show up on your T-Shirt
4. Fabric Measuring tape or a yard stick/ metre stick

Step 1: Measure Where You Want the Shirt to Fall on You

I'll be working with a size small T-Shirt today, just a basic JerZees heavyweight cotton.

First you need to find where you want your shirt to fall on you once you cut it, rather, where the end of the fringe will fall. I generally like mine to hang about fifteen inches from neck to bottom.

Measure with a fabric measuring tape the length you want your shirt to be (fringe included) in the end.

Pictured, I have approx. fifteen inches from neck to end of fringe as indicated by the blue line. This step can be done whilst you wear the shirt.

Step 2: Cut Off the Excess

By now you should have marked the end length with your Marker or Crayon.

Now you'll want to lay your shirt out on a table or on a flat surface.

Take your measuring tape yard/metre stick and trace across the line you made to creat one whole line. Then, with your fabric scissors, cut off the excess on the bottom.

Step 3: Decide How Long You Want the Fringe

Since I have already cut off a good amount of shirt, my fringe is going to be medium length instead of long.

Measure about 4 inches up from the bottom. Mark it. Then decide how often you want your fringe. I like mine relatively skinny and close together, so I don't measure the length between cuts, I usually estimate with what looks good. I have included three different example pictures of the thicknesses you could try out.

Step 4: Pull the Fringe

If you want the fringe longer, but don't want the top to get any shorter, I would have you pull on the fringe. This will stretch out the fabric so that it lengths.

Just hold down the top and pull on the end of the two pieces (two because one is on top of the other). Unlike in my picture, I would use two hands for this step, but one was necessary to take the picture ;-).

Step 5: Bonus Step

If you don't like sleeves, you can cut off the sleeves on the t-shirt for more of a summery beach look.

Just follow the contour of the stitches on the sleeve as shown in blue on this tutorial.

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