Introduction: *ALL MAKEUP NOTHING REAL*How to Make a Fake Costume/Stage Burn

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Remember the scene in the movie , "The Hunger Games", where Katniss is running through the forest fire and get's blasted with a fireball, leaving a nasty burn on her leg? This instructable teaches you how to make your own "Katniss Everdeen Burn." That's what started this idea, but I decided "Hey, this could be great for any costume!"

This can also double as dead or zombie makeup, for your creepy costume lovers!


Step 1: Supplies Needed

Mehron Colour Cups: Moonlight White (or the stuff used on vampire makeup)

Mehron Coagulated Blood Gel

Mehron "Charred Ash"

Cosmetic Latex Free applicator sponges

You will also need a lip brush (blood gel) and a blush/powder brush (charred ash powder). If you don't own these, a small paintbrush and sponge brush will do just fine.

Step 2: Base

To start, take your applicator sponge and very lightly put some of the Moonlight White on it. It is very important that this isn't very much, or this won't look as realistic and it will look more globby.

Step 3: Apply to Leg

This is where you can decide where on your leg you want the "burn", but for this I'm going right smack dab in the middle of my thigh like Katniss.

Apply lightly. If you have light skin like me (I'm called Paper Ghost by my friends) you just want to BARELY see it. If you have darker skin, make sure it's extremely light.

Apply in the shape of an eye longways (so not facing you; to the side)

*Note in the phot it's JUST BARELY VISABLE. This is important in the realistic-ness of it.

Step 4: Powder

Next, we'll take some of our Charred Ash powder on the paintbrush/powder brush.

*I recommend doing this over a bag as it's sorta messy.

Take the lid off the powder and tap a little into it. You don't need very much.

Then, ever so carefully, take your blush brush and dip it into your lid

Step 5: Apply "Charred Skin"

With the powder on your brush, lightly brush it on. This is best explained in the pictures.

Basically, just started on the outside being light, and gradually get darker closer to wherever you want your "blood" leaving a small section of the skin showing.

Step 6: Brush Out the Edges.

This is rather self explanatory, but just dust off the edges so you can't see any fine grains of powder

Step 7: Blood... ;-D

This is where we have our fun.

Open the blood gel carefully and put some on the lip brush.

*Tip. If you want the blood to look more real and less blob-y, try making little tributaries branching from the main cut, and make some areas of blood thicker than others.

Just follow the pictures for step by step.

Step 8: Finished

Now you're ready for Halloween! I hope you get loads of candy, and.....

May the odds be EVER in your favour

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