Introduction: How to Make a Home-Made Lightbox for Tracing

Have you ever want that perfect outline for a picture? Well I have a solution.


Step 1: First Step:

First you need to get your supplies. 
You will need:
*A desk lamp with a bendable stem or neck
*A glass table (or an ottoman which opens up to a hollow space inside)
*Blue Tape
*A Picture that you printed off in black and white
*Blank White Paper
*A pencil
*An eraser
*Or if you  are using an ottoman you will need a piece of glass from a picture frame big enough to fit over the opening of the ottoman

Step 2: Second Step:

The second step is to choose your picture and set up your work area. First, your need to get your picture printed off in black and white. I chose a raccoon. Once you get your picture bring it to your workspace and position you lamp so it shines up. Then, tape the picture over the light on the table. Over that picture line up the blank white paper over your picture and tape it down. Now you are ready to start tracing.

Step 3: Third Step:

Once you are done tracing your outline, shade in the darker areas to your linking over the whole picture. You should have your picture of an animal, scenery, or anything you want.

Step 4: Finished Product

If you want you can upload your picture to your computer from your printer. Lots of printers are different, so I can't tell you how to do that. I have uploaded these two pictures, but I have done a couple more and these two are my favorite. On my computer you can add sepia, color, anything. I added a little of sepia and I think they look nice. Tell me what you think and if you try it please post your pictures in the comments, I would like to see how they come out.
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