Introduction: How to Make a Night Vision Webcam

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I have always wanted a night vision camera, but never thought it was possible to build my own. Now I know that there are many more instructibles out there that explian how to do this, but I wanted to make one of my own. I will be using a gear head 1.5 mega pixel webcam that I picked up for $10.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

1: a webcam (one that you dont use anymore)

2: a set of small screwdrivers

3: a computer

4: an old vhs tape, film negative or floppy disk

5: good hand-eye cordination

Step 2: Carfully Dismantle the Webam

Take the webacms casing off and remove the lens assembly

Step 3: Making It See Infared

Take the infared filter out of the lens assembly by prying it off with a screw driver.

Step 4: Vhs Tape

The filter that we just removed blocks infared radiation but lets visible light pass through, at this point, you could put it bake together and have it see both visible light and infared or you can put vhs tape, film negative or floppy disk material in place of the filter to see pure infared. This is best if you want night vision.

Step 5: Night Vision!!!!

For actual night vision you will either need a tv remote that is really op or an infared spotlight. But it is quite fun without them as you can see in the infared spectrum!!!

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