Introduction: How to Make: Aged Paper

Have you ever wanted to have aged paper to just mess around with? This tutorial will show you how to make aged paper in just 7 minutes!

Step 1: Supplies

your going to need:

1x sheet of paper. I'm using drawing paper because it has a grittier feel to it.
1x roll of paper towels.
1x clump of used coffee grounds.

Step 2: Begin!

1st you need to make your workspace. unravel a few squares of paper towel and fold them into a few layers.

next lay out your piece of paper on the paper towels. You probably want writing on this paper, so do that now.

next spread out the used coffee grounds on the paper. You might want to have a lot depending upon how much paper you have. you want about 1/2 inch to and inch of ground on the paper.

lastly if you want to use these as labels for bottles, cut out your design.

Step 3: FIRE!

Oh no! there has been a terrible fire, and the only things left are some scrolls and bottles with strange labels! If only they werent so burnt, maybe we could read them.

To make the "burnt" effect on this paper, you need a lighter. right after you remove the coffee grounds from the paper take your lighter and gently run it along where you want the burn. The paper should still be moist while you burn it. to make the hole, I used the pointed end on a geometry compass to poke a hole, then burnt the paper 'till it looked how i wanted.

you can also use shaved candle wax to give it an uneven gloss look.
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