Introduction: How to Make: Medieval Wax Letter Seal

Ever wanted a medieval wax seal to put on your letters? Well I'm gunna show you how to make one quick and easy!

Step 1: The Supplies

You're going to need:

1) A candle

2) A piece of paper

3) Crayola Air dry clay

4) A roll of electrical tape

5) note pad

6) scissor or exacto knife

Step 2: 1st

Make the shape of your seal. to do this, first make your basic shape.

Then use the electrical tape hole (where the cardboard is) to size your seal.

Step 3: 2nd

Make a design or your initials out of cardboard (the stuff on the back of a note pad) and cut them out.

While keeping your seal in the electrical tape hole, press it down on the design. Gently take the design out, the let dry.

Step 4: The Next Day....

Now your seal should be finished. Take a piece of paper and cut it to your size preference. mine is about 5 1/2 by 7 1/2. Make sure to leave a 2'' tab hanging off one end to seal it with.

Next write whatever or draw whatever you want on your paper.

Once your done, fold the paper in half, then fold up the tab.

If your wondering why I had you size it to an electric tape tube, here's why. light up a candle if you haven't already done so. Wait for enough wax to pool up and then place your electrical tape tube EXACTLY where you want the wax. Pour a thin layer of wax into the tube, then press your seal into it. Wait about 5 or 6 seconds then pull out the seal. Wait until you feel ready then twist the electrical tape tube clockwise and up until it is released from the seal. now examine your masterpiece :)
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