Introduction: How to Make an Awesome Cathouse!

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So my awesome cat J was climbing in and out of an a/c box. He's a little older now so i thought he might want to move out on his own. With a little creativity and free time, I made "Crazy J's Cathouse!

Step 1: Cut the Box. Not the Cheese.

I cut the box in half. Scored the inside where i would fold down the inside, and made small tabs on the front and back for the glue to hold.

Step 2: Glue, Baby! Glue!

Just a pic of the tape i used to holds everything in place while the glue dried.

Step 3: Aaaaah....

Take of the tape and marvel at how it all stays together. Heck, might as well add some shutters too. I used a razor knife to score small lines in each shutter to replicate how slats would look. Not perfect, but the cat doesn't seem to mind.

Step 4: Let's Paint!

The colors are pretty self explanatory. I used chalkboard paint for the roof and red spay paint for the foundation. I used white chalk to draw the bricks and shingles. I was worried it would wipe off t easy, but i don't mess with it a lot. Also, if it gets smudged you can just wipe it and draw new ones!

Step 5: Steps!!

I used two pieces of hard foam, and long skewers to hold them together. Then i just blobbed a little black paint and rubbed it with a paper towel. Gave it that gray "concrete" look. I also put a decorative thingy over the door.

Step 6: Get Creative!

Crazy J's needed a marquee, so i made a cardboard border and stapled some paper to it. I think the sign is pretty clever. The "lights" above it are actually upside down wall pegs with a water bottle cap poked on it. Came out pretty cool! I found packaging from some tubing i had, and made skylights. Just cut a round hole and poked 'em in. It's cool to watch J in his natural habitat. :) I'm like a kitty peeping tom.

Step 7: There You Have It!

J uses his house everyday. I didn't even have to show him to it. He just loves it. I swear he sulks away to it when he's mad at us. Have fun! Find a box and make one for your little guy today!
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