Temporary Solution for a Temporary Situation.

Introduction: Temporary Solution for a Temporary Situation.

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I own a 1995 Honda civic. Bless her heart she's lasted me three years, and i bought her for $600. It's almost the end of the road. I can tell. So sad. Recently my side window fell off the track and completely shattered. Good thing it was tinted, or i would have way more little glass "diamonds" then i already do. I live in Florida and every day like clockwork around 4:30 we get at least 15 minutes of torrential rain. It's weird. For a couple of days i used garbage bags and duct tape. That got old real fast, but i didn't have the money to get it fixed. And truth be told, i didn't want to invest any more $$ in my pos car. The following is my solution.

Step 1: The Stuff!

I didn't take many pictures of the actual process, but with a little imagination you can imagine what to do.
1: I held up a piece of cardboard with tape to the outside and from the inside traced a crude outline of the window.
2: I cut a 2 layer piece of 1mil visqueen. I just layed it over the shape i traced and left about 3 inches around as i cut it.
3: Next i bought some magnet strip. (this got poor reviews for magnet strength, but i think those people were using small pieces. When you have a whole strip it works good.)
3: Adhere magnet strip to inside of your two layers of visqueen.
4: With your magnet sandwiched between your visqueen, duct tape all the edges to make it whole.
*I put a magnet strip vertically to the rear side if the window, and there's no metal there. Oops. Anyway it acts like a weight that makes it a little more firm.

Step 2: This Actually Works?!?!

I was at a Tampa Bay Rays game and heard what i thought was a freight train. Then i remembered i was in the only dome in the mlb and it was rain. Then i remembered all my car had to protect from the deluge was this visqeen window i made in an hour. I was positive i was going to come out to a puddle on my front seat. I pressed on though and watched my boys win it in the 12th! Go Rays! Tentatively i walked up to my overpriced parking space to find a wonderful dry car, window intact. Amazing.

Step 3: There You Have It!

All said and done I've been using this thing for 2 weeks with a dry car every time. I wouldn't recommend driving with this thing on. (I haven't tried. Let me know if it works.) Also you can imagine the level of security this provides. Don't keep expensive stuff in your car. My door lock is busted anyway. Oh yeah, and my car handle. And my mirror. Eh. Whatev...

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    It's not legal, because it is too thick, opaque, and obscures your vision. I had to do this to one of my cars. I used clear vinyl sheeting (or table cloth cover). It is perfect because it is strong enough to stretch it tight and clear as glass.


    9 years ago

    Thanks Jason! I showed a dude at work and he literally laughed for five minutes. Pretty ridiculous. Pretty hilarious. Pretty useful.

    Jason Gagne
    Jason Gagne

    9 years ago

    Best instructable ever!