Introduction: How to Make 'Fairies' in a Jar

This is a really fun instructable.
All you will need is :
Glow Sticks
A Jar
And Some Sparkles .

Step 1: Step One: Cutting Glow Sticks

First thing you need to do is open the jar and cut the glow stick(s).
Carefully shake the glow stick into the jar, eventually you will see a long stick like substance come out of the glow stick carefully cut it into pieces, still holding glow stick in the jar.

Step 2: Step Two: 'Fairy Dust'

Now that you have your glow sticks all cut up and in the jar you may now go ahead and add the sparkles.
Only use about half because you may want to go back after and add more sparkles to give it more of a sparkle effect.

Step 3: Step Three: Shake

Now that you added your sparkles you can go ahead and tighten the lid and shake really hard and rapidly.
You will see the glow sticks fully activating and get the sparkles/glitter to coat the inside of the jar.

When your done and you would like to add in the rest of the sparkles all you have to di is carefully take off the lid and add them in and give the jar a light shake.

Step 4: Results!

Now you have your very own Fairies In A Jar .