Introduction: How to Make Pac-Man Out of Clay

This is my Instructable on how to make 3D Pac-Man out of clay. Enjoy
For this you will need, Clay(Yellow,Orange,Red and Black) and some clay sculpting tools.

Step 1: Pac-Mans Body/Arms

1. First, with the Yellow clay, take some and roll it into a nice ball

2. Secondly, grab a little bit of Yellow clay, roll it up to approximately half the width of your pinkie nail,
and about half the length of your pinkie.

Step 2: Pac-Mans Arms and Hands

1. Use the orange clay, Make nice Cuffs, Partially flat but not completely
(Attach cuffs to arms when complete)

2. Next, mold the orange clay to look like a boxing glove, then make a little thumb and shape the hand to be a fist
(If done correct, it should look like image 3)

3. Now for the second fist, do the same molding as you did for the first fist
but, instead of forming the thumb to be another fist,  form the thumb to be a thumbs up

4. After those are complete place wire into the arms/hands to make the arms less
flimsy (Image 6)

5. If each step is done correctly, your clay Pac-Man should look like Image 7

Step 3: Pac-Mans Eyes/Eyebrows

1. Using the black clay, cut an oval out of the black Clay and a "v" slit on the left side (Look at Image 2 for help)

2. Now with more black clay, Make a curved V look with it.(Similar to making the eyebrows (Look at Image 3 and/or 4 for help if needed))

3. For the eyebrows, using black clay, get a little straight line about a nail and a half long (Pointer Fingernail(Make 2 eyebrows))

4. Now, pinch the middle of the eyebrow to make Pac-Mans pointy eyebrows

5. Look at photo 7 to make sure your Pac-Man is going perfectly

Step 4: Pac-Mans Feet

1. Mold the red clay to look like rubber boots (Image 1&2)

2. If done correctly, your boots should look like image 3

3. Now, attach the boots to Pac-Man (Image 4)

Step 5: Pac-Mans Mouth and Nose

1. Using the black clay, Carve a large smile in it,

2. With the red clay, mold a tongue on the mouth in the middle

3. Now place your mouth on Pac-Man (Check image 3 to check your mouth)

4. Now using yellow clay, make a nose, just slightly smaller than your pinkie nail

5. Now place your nose on Pac-Man and Voilà, Pac-Man is complete (Image 5)

Step 6: Pac-Man Animation

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