Introduction: How to Make the Basic Rubber Band Bracelet on a Rainbow Loom

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Ok guys I finally got a rubber band loom maker thing called a rainbow loom. You can make awesome bracelets with it and I am going to teach you how to make the basic bracelet first. You can get a rainbow loom at Michael's or online. It comes with a loom, a crochet hook, c-clips, and rubber bands along with an instruction manual

Step 1: This Is the Rainbow Loom Kit.

Step 2: You Will Need

Rubber bands, rainbow loom, crochet hook, and c-clips(in my hand)

Step 3: Make Sure the Arrows Are Pointing Up on Your Rainbow Loom. This Is the Way It Will Stay While You Lay the Rubber Bands On.

Step 4: Now Place the First Color You Chose on the Pegs Like So

You need to put it on the left hand side just like this. Make sure the arrows are pointing up still. The arrow will stay pointing up until I say other wise.

Step 5: Now Place the Next Rubber Band Like So. It Doesn't Have to Be the Same Color. Remember, You Can Use As Many As You Like.

Step 6: Ok, Now You Need to Do Pretty Much the First Step Again. It Can Be Whatever Color You Like. Now You Will Start to See a Zig Zag Pattern.

Step 7: Now You Just Repeat Until the End. Here Is Me Doing It and Taking Pics at Random Times.

Step 8: Ok Now We Flip It Over So That the Arrow Is Pointing Down.

This is how it should look up close and farther away with the arrow pointing down.

Step 9: Now You Just Take the Crochet Hook and Return the Colors Back Where They Came From.

Be careful when you do this. You only should grab the color that it is coming from. Keep doing this all the way to the end.

Step 10: Keep Doing This Until You Reach the End.

Step 11: Take the Top Rubber Band and Slide the C-clip On.

Step 12: Pull of the Bracelet.

Step 13: Done!