Introduction: How to Make a R2D2 Low Cost Full Size Scratch Built

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Hia and welcome to my R2D2 build that anyone can do with a bit of d.i.y skills and some free time.
this build is a low cost r2d2 made with basic d.i.y tools most have at home and useing scrap
wood and MDF and other bits i found. i will list how much wood and things cost new so you have
an idea on total cost.
This was a real big build but most of the work i did in 3 weeks and only had a jigsaw, planner, drill,
stanley knife, sander, dremel, and screwdrivers so dont be put off by the size of this build.

so lets get to it :) and take you time and have fun (",) and remember if at any point you do need
help with your r2d2 just msg me and i will be happy to help or work with you on your r2 build.

have a look at my R2D2 finshed with battle damaged paint with the link below
R2D2 How to battle damaged R2 and add low-cost audio n led lights

so follow me and see how i get on with new builds as well.

ill start with safety first! yes its a must when working with tools and so on...
PLEASE NOTE With any DIY work or build, safety should be given top priority.
when useing any d.i.y tools for making you builds please always Wear safety goggles and Wear
suitable respiratory protection when spraying. and most of all take your time and have fun.

Please check back soon... as i will keep updateing this info.

Carls R2D2 UK Parts list
this is the list of parts and stuff i got and used to build my R2D2 you may find other ways of doing
things and if that makes your build easyer give it a go.

Cupola-Red-Metal-Shade = for the dome from B&Q £25

1x 8x4 sheet MDF 18mm wide = from B&Q £17.48

1x sheet 3mm hardboard = from B&Q £4.68

timber 3inch x 2inch = £7.60

now if id had a cnc or laser cutter at home id made my own parts as i dont like useing
part i could of made myself.
2x frount logic surround = from ebay £2.50
1x R2 coin slots = from ebay £5
4x shoulder buttons = from ebay £5
2x frount vents = from ebay £15
2x power couplings = from ebay £12.50 = R2D2 parts from
1x rear logic = from ebay £5
2x shoulder hubs = from ebay £15
2x shoulder hydraulics = from ebay £6
3x holo projectors = from ebay £28
2x boosters = from ebay £16
plus P+P at £14

sandpaper + misc fixings = £5 from wilkinsons

8x4 H.I.P.S or High Impact Polystyrene sheet white = around £31 from

2x wood glue = £7

Adhesive Miroir sheet = £5 from the range

ema plastic weld glue = £3.50

8x4 sheet mdf 18mm wide = £16.48

2x 12mm x 12mm wood strips = £2 from B&Q
misc screws = £2.17 from wilkinsons
wood filler = £2 from wilkinsons
2x white spray paint = car spary paint
2x prima spray= car spary paint
1x silver spray paint= car spary paint
1x laqer spray = total for spray £15
misc adhesive = £1.50

B&Q pipe 32mm = £3.89

3x blue spray = £12 = car spary paint
2x prime = car spary paint
2x laq spray = car spary paint
2x white spray = total for spray £20

blue and silver enamel paint = £6

glue = £4 from wilkinsons

2x citadel washes devlan mud = £6

4x Flexi Comp Connector for feet = £18

R2D2 Build Step (1) the plans
is to download the plans for your new r2d2 build, you can find the plans at the yahoo r2d2
builders group.

Due to 100s of emails asking me to send plans i will be upload them so anyone can download
BUT i will not be uploading the yahoo r2d2 builders group plans as you can download them
from the yahoo r2d2 builders group.

==LINK 1==

==LINK 2==

they are in pdf format. you will need a pdf viewer to print them out and have a real good look at
them befor trying to start your r2d2. and yes i no more reading :) but do take your time to look
over all the plans it will make you build much easier.
as my build was going to be most parts scratch built the plans i got from the internet was not
much use to me other than giving me all the sizes for parts so i found in the end me drawing
up new plans for my build so i could make most of the parts with 18mm mdf.

Step (2)
the frame build... now there are lots of ways to make a frame for r2d2, and after looking at the
plans i ended up going with a simple design with 3x2 wood and some mdf rings. draw some
designs on paper to see the best way for you.
so this is your frist job work out what size you want your r2d2 ie... 1:1 or 1:50 and so on.
then mark out all you parts on your mdf like the rings then go back and check it to see if its right
and then cut your mdf rings for the frame, then cut the uprites for the frame. if you have a look at
my video it will show you how i did my frame.

CARLS TIP... take your time and try and cut all the rings and uprights the same size, as it will
make glueing your skins on a lot easier in the steps to come. off-set rings and a frame thats
out will make your work glueing the skins on very hard.

Step (3)
cutting the legs.... all my leg parts are cutout of 18mm mdf sheets, like step 2 mark it all out on
the mdf then go back and check again. dont worry if the jigsaw cuts are not spot on cos you
will endup sandding and filling befor paint.
so mark your leg parts from the plans to mdf and cut them all out, then drill and counter sink
every screw on your legs now screw all your leg part together and then try your cast parts from
ebay to see if they all fit, next screw the leg hubs to the legs, the hubs will bolt your legs to your
new frame.
now i screwed some long bolts into the hubs and put some 3x2 wood into the frame with holes
in and thats how i bolt my legs onto the frame. you may find other ways of doin this.

CARLS TIP..... try to make sure the nuts and bolts your useing to hold your legs to the frame
are strong as most of the r2d2 will be sat on them fixings, or your r2d2 legs may not be that strong.

Step (4)
cutting the skirt from 18mm mdf... i did it by cutting 3 bits of mdf, screwing the together and
then using a planer to shape the mdf till i was happy with it. then drill and counter sink every
screw on on the skirt and then screw it to your frame.
now you have the legs the frame and the skirt give it all a good sand and your on to the next step :)

Step (5)
Fitting resin parts to the legs... now if id had a cnc or lazser cutter at home id made my
own parts as i dont like useing part i could make myself, anyways fitting the parts to the legs
i used screws and glue to do this. other thing to remember is will you be spraying the part
befor you fix it to the legs or after, this is upto you how you do it but may save time painting
them befor you fit them.

CARLS TIP....if you do use screws to fix your resin parts make sure you drill small holes
befor you try putting a screw in or the resin part will crack.

Step (6)
sand and prep dome... this part is all about hard work :) dam that red paint on the dome lol
aways back to it... sand for hours all the red paint on you b&q lamp shade till your happy
with it then blow all the red paint from your plansand mark onto the dome in pen where all
the layout gos. now you will need a dermal with a cutting disk and use the cutting disk to
score all the layout on you dome, now take your time with this bit cos if you slip with the
dermal it will make a right mess and you may need to go back and get a new lamp shade.
allso cutout the slots that need cutting out and then sand. now you are upto 1:34 on my video.
well done :)

CARLS TIP.... when doing the dome layouts use some insulation tape to mark out the bits
you need to score with your dermal and score along the tape, now remember your only
scoreing a line and not cutting the dome in most places so double check befor your start.

Step (7)
lucky number 7.... this was the best part for me, as this is where r2d2 comes to life :)
making the SKINS lol at this point you will have got your High Impact Polystyrene sheet white
in the post and your ready to start :) the first thing i did is rap r2d2 in some paper and mark
out the skins on that then i cut it away and used that as a templat to mark out on my HIPS
or High Impact Polystyrene sheet white, the hips i got was 2mm thick and is very easy to cut
with a stanley knife. so thats your next job cutting the 2 inside skins and the 2 outside skins.
when you have done all your cutting and you happy start to glue the inside skins to your frame,
i use gorilla glue for this but you may try anythink that will glue wood and plastic.
i then use ema plastic weld to glue the outside skin, this is gluein plastic to plastic and the
ema plastic weld is brill for this job, so try and use that if you can.

CARLS TIP... is safety... working with a stanley knife can be dangerous so please take your time
also dont cut this on you mums or wifes new carpet or you will endup with a r2d2 cut out
in the carpet lol

Step (8)
the skirt, battery box and feet was all made from 18mm mdf sheet. the battery boxs are 6 bits of
mdf cut and 3 screwed together then use a planer to plane to shape you can use the plans to
get the right size its very easy to do it this way. the skirt needs some strips of wood glueing on
and thats done.
the feet you will need to mark out on your mdf sheet then cut it all out, some bits will need planin
to get them to fit, please view my video for info on how i screwed them together.
when done you can screw the battery boxs to your feet and then drill holes to fix your feet to your
legs, i use nuts and bolts to do this.

CARLS TIP... double check your marks on your mdf sheet befor cutting and and dont worry to much
if you have a jig-saw like me that dont cut in a straight line :) you will endup planing the parts to get
them right.

Step (9)
booster covers... they are the covers on the legs and are made from 18mm mdf, now i no you can
buy them from ebay but i love to build and if i can and have the tools to do so i will so thats what i
right... from the plans you mark up on mdf your bits to cutout then screw them together and use your
planer to shape the parts, like befor the best thing is to view my video to see how this is done.

Step (10)
filling, sanding, and spray paint... well done you have got to the point in your build when
you allmost ready to paint r2d2 :) right this step is very important, sand and plane your r2d2
till your happy how it looks, i think i took around 1 day sanding an planing an so to get my
r2d2 ready for filling so take your time with this step.
when your happy start going round and filling all the screw holes and cracks and any bits
that need filling with wood filler then go get some food and a drink :)
when the filler has gone off its time for sanding, the better job you make of filling and
sanding the better your r2d2 will look at the end. so after hours of sanding your ready for
some paint, onto the next step :)

CARLS TIP... go easy with the filler, dont put loads on cos you will find it very hard work
to sand it all down and will take you forever to do.

Step (11)
paint and spray... now befor you spray you will need to paint r2d2 with a primer, so thats
the first job get some bags on the floor and put all your parts on the bags and then paint all
your bits with the wood primer then let it dry.
now its all dry i went over all the bits with some sand paper just to make it all smooth then i
use some spray primer on all the parts and when dry i sanded the parts again.
this may seem mad to some of you but sanding each time you paint or spray keeps the
parts nice and smooth ready for the next spray and gives a better paint job.
now for the color your going to see, the white spray paint. take your time spraying this you
dont want any runs in the paint, i sprayed the parts about 3 or 4 times letting it dry each time.
same with all the blue spray.
when you have done all your color parts leave it for a day to set or dry then you can go back
and spray all the parts with clear lacquer spray, as befor take your time and leave to dry.

CARLS TIP.... allways wear safety goggles and wear suitable respiratory protection when
spraying, its a big must do!!! now the key to this part is not to rush any of it... dont spray
to close to your parts and allways leave to dry befor spraying again. and remember this is
what you will see when done.

Step (12)
this is one step i can not help you will, and thats if to keep your new r2d2 clean or weather it.
its like marmite, you will love it or hate it so have a look at my photos to see what your going to do.
weathering you ask.... whats that then... well if you have a look at my link below you will see my r2d2
weathered n battle damaged... so you will no if you like the clean look or the weathered look :)

WELL DONE on your new R2D2 build... your now done and time to go show-off all your hard work
and time.

and dont forget if you like my build please VOTE for me at the top of this page, thanks carl.

id like to thank you so much for viewing my build

And if you need any help at all just drop me a msg and id be happy to help you out.

have a look at my R2D2 finshed with battle damaged paint with the link below
R2D2 How to battle damaged R2 and add low-cost audio n led lights
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