Introduction: R2D2 How to Battle Damaged R2 and Add Low-cost Audio N Led Lights

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Welcome my R2D2 battle damaged from return of the jedi....
hear i will post info on weathering your model r2d2 and the info on how to get a low cost
audio in your r2d2 and low cost leds.

For a step by step on how to build a full size R2D2 check out the link below.....

Things you will need
1x blue and 1x silver enamel paint = around £6
2x citadel washes devlan mud = £6
some small paint  brushers
a old pc cd-rom with a play button
pc speakers
1x atx power supply
some 12v leds

ill start with safety first! yes its a must when working with tools and so on...
PLEASE NOTE With any DIY work or build, safety should be given top priority.
when useing any d.i.y tools for making you builds please always Wear safety goggles and Wear
suitable protection at all times. and most of all take your time and have fun.

The R2D2 audio

my r2d2 audio is low cost and most of the parts i had sitting around thats why i ended up use a
cd-rom drive from an old pc,
same with the atx power supply, this was from an old pc i had, with a pc power supply i had 5v
and 12v to play with so powering the cd rom drive and leds, pc speakers is not a problem at all
and was very easy to setup.

i start by cutting a slot out on the back of r2d2 for the cd rom drive then find a place to mount the
psu and cut a round slot out for the fan and a slot for the power cable to plug into the psu.
screw the cd-rom and psu into place and plug power from the psu to your cd-rom.
most psu`s will need a on and off switch so dont forget to cut out a slot in your r2 for this so you
can turn your power on and off.

next i found an audio cable for a pc cd-rom and a old set of yamaha yst-m speakers i had lay around
so i took the speakers to bits and mount them into the front of my r2 then i cut the slots out on the
back of r2 for the volume and inputs and then mount the input n volume board and the speakers psu
inside r2.
next i cut and added a phono jack to the end of the pc cd-rom audio cable and pluged the into the
cd-rom drive and into the speaker input. also i power the speakers from the 12v pc psu.

all thats left to do now is to make your audio cd for your r2d2.
i start by getting hold of r2d2 sounds in wav format and loading them into a wav editting program.
and make a wav file about 60mins long with r2d2 sounds randomly playing at different times.
then i save the file out as a mp3 and make an audio cd from the mp3 file. i think in the end i ended
up with a audio cd with about 5 tracks on it.
so pop your new cd in the cd-rom drive and power your r2 up and let him sit there beeping away :)

this was a very low cost way of getting r2 audio and there is lots of other ways you can go about
this from around £15 upto £300 and so on... my r2d2 will allways keep updating to better stuff and
will allways be a work in progress so please keep checking back as i find new ways of updating.

The L.E.D`s

this part is a work in progress as my r2d2 led lights are not complete.
all my leds are run from an old pc atx power supply useing 12v with 12v leds.

Paint n Weathering

i will add info soon.