Introduction: How to Place Coins in a Jar

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Everyday when we go to buy something with cash, we usually end up with change in the form of coins. Personally, I like to place these coins in a small jar. Over time, this jar will fill with these coins and can potentially act as a cash reserve that I can use if I ever am low on money. For this tutorial, I will be demonstrating how to place coins into a jar.

Step 1: Acquire Jar

If you don't happen to have a jar on hand that you can use for this tutorial, they can be found at local stores. It doesn't matter what type of jar you use for this tutorial.

Step 2: Acquire Coins

As this tutorial doesn't really work when you don't have any coins to use, you may want to wait until some fall into your possession. If you really want to finish this tutorial even though you have no coins, you can probably borrow some from somebody if you vow to pay that person back.

Step 3: Carefully Place Coins in Jar

Carefully drop coins into jar. Since most jars are made of glass, you don't want to break or crack the jar you are putting your coins in. Be cautious and very gentle. When you have a pretty good layer of coins on the bottom of the jar, you can start to be less cautious because the coins already in the jar will act as a cushion for the other coins that you will put into the jar.

And now you have just created your very own cash reserve! Now you can live life with a small sense of completion.