Introduction: How to Draw an Anime Girl

Step 1: Head Figure

Usually I'd do the head, then facial features, then body outline, then hair, then details. Anyway start with the head shape.

Step 2: Body Figure

You can put the body in many shapes, I recommend using one of those little mannequin things for reference of figures. Fingers (if their strait down) should be halfway down the thighs . This should be a rough shape but also not total noodle arms.

Step 3: Hand and Feet Details

Here's where you define the hands, feet, fingers, toes. But also if they have shoes or gloves on or are holding things you define those things too

Step 4: Cloths

Add cloths and define open skin better

Step 5: Facial Features

Add eyes, nose, mouth, etc.... And also glasses and things

Step 6: Hair

Add cool crazy hair, or just regular hair, it's up to you

Step 7: Add Props

Add things that define your character (optional)

Step 8: Ink It

It dosn't matter what you use, but I find it art pens look better and don't smudge VS ballpoint pens