Introduction: How to Play Senet

Step 1: Set Up

Set the spools and cones alternating at the to of the board(the long part that has no hieroglyphics) spool, cone, spool, cone, etc. Lay five black and white sticks by the board.

Step 2: Sticks

The sticks act like modern day dice. Five black sticks is 6. One white stick is 1, two white sticks is 2, three white sticks is 3, etc. If you 'roll' a two or three you can roll again, otherwise your turn is over.

Step 3: Rules/Play

Object: To get all your pieces off the board first Play: Move your pieces in a snake like pattern across the board like so... O - - - - - - - - - -\ / - - - - - - - - - -/ \ - - - - - - - - - -o At the first hieroglyphic, you can put that piece on the second hieroglyphic that looks like three jars with a cross on top. The hieroglyphic for water will trap you unless you roll a two or three. If you roll a four you have to go back to the beginning. If you roll a number to big at the end, you must restart that piece. If the other player lands on your piece, you must switch spots with them. If you are on a hieroglyphic, they can't switch with you, so they must forfeit their turn or roll again(if first rolled was a two or a three). You can jump over or move more than one piece as long as your moves add up to what you rolled.